WEEK III OF MY TEACHER TRAINING: Sattvic-tamasic-rajasic-vata-pitta-kapha-prakriti-purusa-dosha mess.


It’s Saturday and I love it, because it’s my asana free day. I want to be lazy, watch silly movies and eat junk food! After the lovely Ayurveda lectures with Anou I figured I am a Vata type, so I need some space in my head and wind in my hair as well as balancing it all with some heavy pizza eating under the blanket, to ground myself a little.


Last week was generous with all-things-yoga theories,  and there’s this beautiful sattvic-tamasic-rajasic-vata-pitta-kapha-prakriti-purusa-dosha mess in my head, woop woop! It’s quite exciting how everything around me slowly becomes yoga. Or, if you prefer, yoga becomes this looking glass through which I observe myself and the world around me.


Watching yoga teachers at work have been awesome. Sitting there in the corner- right in the door frame actually, as the room was so full!!- I was adoring all them different people in the room working their bodies, minds and spirit, and loved the teacher’s closing line: “We’re different in our bodies, but same at heart”.


Overall, the most exciting thing is that I feel my own system of though on yoga is slowly being formed and I can’t wait to put it into work. I will soon need a new notebook for my yoga ideas, as kept writing non-stop last week, and even more important, some of my writings start making sense! Woop woop, again!!


Looking forward to more teaching practice next week. I’ve found myself glued to YouTube watching different teachers leading yoga classes, and realized this is true art if you do it properly. I also realized, I could just keep watching some of the yoga practitioners forever, because it is so mesmerizing when mastered. Actually, it has the same effect as the one of watching a work of art. So from now on if anyone asks me what is yoga, my answer will be: “It’s an art”. Would you agree?

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